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Shop floor control

The online system provides superior functionality to view order information and report any production incidence.

The job ticket and various communications, like Word documents, short messages or attached images are visible from the system, and easy to access.

Time and material

The machine operator have all the information needed to complete the production. Start and Stop functionality provides a simple and secure registration of production data to the cost accounting. Registered time and materiel usage are automatically transferred to the accounting system and as ‘Work in Process’.

Job ticket

At any time, the operator can view the job ticket, which contains all relevant job information.

Job plans

You have access to all job information, including the complete schedule for the selected job.

Job status

All actions are logged in the system with various job statuses, which provide a complete overview of all production in real time.

Budget vs. actual

Data reported to the cost accounting will, through the post calculation, be compared with the planned data from the order…

Shop floor control

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