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Shop floor control

Superior functionality to view order information and report on your production

DynamicsPrint offers a simplified shop-floor user interface for confirming and reporting operations. Work instructions, quantity, and other production notes can be viewed and reported through digital work orders. DynamicsPrint shop-floor interface enables a paperless interface for production control and monitoring.

The system supports the easy role and user-based configuration for view and columns. The list can easily be modified for resource, person, or orders with filtering options.

Shop floor management is developing and managing the shop floor operations, inventory, equipment, and workers. SFM is not only a management control instrument, but also primarily improves communication between employees and management or other related operations.

Shop floor control

The DynamicsPrint Shop Floor System provides a total overview for the operator. An order list of what has been scheduled for each work center, the job ticket with detailed specifications, and various communications, like Word documents, short messages, or attached images are visible from the system, easy to access and all are available with one click.

Time and material
The machine operator has all the information needed to complete the production. Start and Stop functionality provides a simple and secure registration of production data to the cost accounting.

Registered time and materiel usage are automatically posted to the accounting system as ‘Work in Progress.

Multiple job time registration

The machine operator can select multiple jobs from the worklist, hence enabling time registration at more than one job at a time. The actual time registration will be assigned to each job according to the estimated time.

Job ticket
At any time, the operator can view the job ticket, which contains all relevant job information.

Job plans
You have access to all job information, including the complete schedule for the selected job. If required, the operator can reschedule operations.

Job routing

With one click the operator gets a total overview of the up and downstream operations.

All actions are logged in the system with various job statuses, which provide a complete overview of all production in real-time.

Process flow

The operator can generate reports such as pallet notes containing information about each pallet and the next operation to where it is supposed to be transferred to.

Budget vs. actual
Data reported to the cost accounting will, through the post calculation, be compared with the planned data from the order.

Actions from the shop floor system will show up in real-time around the system. The customer service will have a clear picture of whether a job is on track or not, the planner team will see work in progress based on real-time, and the supply chain will also have the up-to-date information of when materials must be released to production.

All actions will be communicated to the relevant users. The system distributes data for everybody to make the right decisions and to provide the total overview of operations and their dependencies on other jobs.

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