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Order handling

A new sales order can be copied from a quotation or can be created directly in the order module.

Once the calculation is created, you have all the necessary information to create an order. As a part of the planning system, it is possible to define deadlines to the order. These can be dates for delivery of materials, proofing etc. With this you have full control of all the internal and external appointments and the processes that needs to be followed up.

Norm calculation

This is the job description, and it contains all relevant information about resources, materials, processes, and additional descriptions. If data is changed, the entire job is recalculated with new amounts and prices.

Deadline planning

When deadlines, such as receive of material, proof dates, delivery etc. is defined, you have all data to schedule the job.

Job scheduling

Based on the deadlines and the processes which are specified in the job description, the system creates a complete plan with start and stops for all processes involved, and material reservations are created at the same time.

Budget vs. actual

Once the job is reported as finished, you can have a detailed overview of all time and material consumption for each process and material.

Order handling

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