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Estimating & quotation

Significantly reducing material and labor costs while improving your gross margin

Using the Estimating module, you can analyze critical information before bidding or producing a job, significantly reducing material and labor costs while improving your gross margin. You can tie an estimate to a quotation, create new estimates by copying from another, perform markup calculations based on user-defined formulas, utilize powerful search capabilities, perform cost analysis for various quantities, freeze an estimate to prevent inadvertent changes, and more.

The demand for accurate estimates, precise pricing, and access to information on all levels such as supply chain and production have never been higher.

Getting everything right from the very beginning will save you a lot of trouble in the end. That is what the estimating module is designed to do.

DynamicsPrint 365 provides all that, – plus a lot more.

Estimating and quotation

Using your own best practice methodology for driving your business, the system ensures to get the calculations as accurate as possible.

Finding the best production route and the best usage of materials through advanced impositions is essential to estimate the correct cost, and through that, to specify the correct quotation to the customer.

Whether you operate within commercial print, packaging, label, or digital print you will find an easy use, yet sophisticated tool, to specify all the operations from pre-flight to finishing and delivery.

DynamicsPrint provides a very strong tool for the creation of various versions, based on the original calculation.

With a few keystrokes, you can create enhanced price lists based on the original quotation. We call it the Extended price list.

Submodules are:

  • Packaging
  • Roll Label
  • Gravure
  • Flexography
  • Offset
  • Digital
  • Large format
  • Screen print
  • Mail and Assembly
  • Finishing
  • Bookbinding

Estimating Features:

  • Estimators have access to other estimates, yet markup percent and prices can be secured on an individual basis.
  • Users can set and adjust precision fields to fine-tune the accuracy of estimates over time. This includes all cost and price fields, component fields, and labor and machine hours fields.
  • Search for an estimate by number, estimate name, and item number.
  • Attach notes to each estimate header, operation, material, quote header, or revision.
  • Price an unlimited number of quantity breaks.
  • Find breaking point between offset and digital manufacturing


Minimizing cost by working smarter is the keyword for all companies in the printing industry regardless of if you operate in commercial print, offset or digital, flexo labels, packaging print, large format print, etc.

This is where DynamicsPrint fits in.

Ideal solution
With the current pressure on the printing industry and revenues, rationalization and consolidation is leading to reviews of all systems and workflow solutions.

This is where DynamicsPrint fits in.

Desired outcomes
It is obvious that tools for making safe decisions are becoming more important and the reason for investing in sophisticated ERP solutions, is substantial.

This is where DynamicsPrint fits in.

The entire estimating system is built according to your own business rules. You define all operations and the related rules attached to each of them. If required, you have access to a user-friendly tool from which you can calculate results that may not be represented in the standard.

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